How does this portal work?
You will go through a simple process of 4 steps. At the end of the process you will receive your unique return number and you can immediately print the return label and attach it to your return. You will also receive the return number and -label by email so you can print it later.

Do I pay for the return shipping costs?
No, returns within the 30 days period are free of charge, the same thing goes for returns within the warranty period.

What should I do if I lose my email with shipping instructions?
Go through the registration process again and receive a new return number and -label.

What should I do with a general failure?
Try to register your return at a later date to register again.

What should I do when the combination billing and customer number is not accepted?
Make sure you use the correct information. Use the numbers as indicated on the invoice and delivery note.
If the problem persists, we advise you to contact us.

What should I do when the registration process crashes?
This may have to do with your browser settings. If you are using Explorer 8, we recommend that you use a higher version or another browser type.

Who should I contact with questions?
NL: check  or call: 088-4285490 (normal rate) 
BE: check or call: + 31 (0) 88-4285477 (30 cents per minute)